I use to always get the Robot Calls and the sad thing is, I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST and they still call. Now that I have this Movement App, I never receive any more Robotic calls nor any Telemarketing calls. It also eliminated the Bill Collectors too. Lol!

Ed Dowlers Insurance Agent

Sad to say, I received a Telemarketer call and he told me that my social security card was frozen. I receive SSI benefits and he said I wouldn’t get my checks anymore until the problem was fixed so I fell for it and I was scammed. Now since I got the Movement-App, I no longer…

Justin Macintyre Real Estate Agent

I have to admit, the Customized Message option is the best for me. I tell Telemarketers how I feel as well as a few Stalkers I had. I see they now get the message. I do not EVER have to screen my calls or recieve messages on my cell. Thanks!

Mathew Rodriguez Loan Officer