Recruiting Officers



This is a high-end position that can be done remotely for serious individuals only. Your main purpose as a Recruiting Officer is to:

1: Hire, Hire Hire!!! Hire Social Media Advocates (SMA) everyday, Sundays through Saturdays!

2: Motivate all SMAs you bring on board to work and to continue to work month after month.



1: Must be able to Follow Instructions

2: Do your best to hire a minimum of 5,000 SMAs your 1st Quarter

3: Must have a computer or laptop with a mouse and high-speed internet

4: Must be able to work remotely without Supervision



As a Recruiting Officer, you are paid:

* $1.00 off of each SMA you hire

For each SMA you bring on board, every month they stay active, you are paid $1.00 Residual Income

This may not seem to be a lot of money but don’t come to that conclusion just yet.

Let’s do the calculations, view the PayScale Scenario below. 


PayScale Scenario

In this Scenario, you’ve hired 1,000 SMAs in your first month of employment and you encouraged them to work and stay active every month.

3 months later, all 1,000 SMAs are still working and loving their career. You are paid:

* $1.00 for each 1,000 SMAs = $1.000

* $1,000 every month as long as they all remain an active SMA

As the weeks and months past, you will hire more and more SMAs so imagine you hired 10,000 SMAs and they all continue to work every month remaining active. You are paid:

$10,000 Every Month


Residual Income

Many people knows what Residual Income is but for those that do not know or don’t fully understand, here’s the complete understanding:

Residual Income is a consistent source of income that requires minimal to no effort by you to maintain it over the long term after an upfront time or monetary investment.

In this Career Opportunity, SMAs that you bring on board has to be an Active SMA in order to remain on Payroll. Every time an SMA stays an Active SMA each month, you are paid.

So getting paid only one time off of each SMA wouldn’t be considered Residual Income but getting paid every month as long as the SMA continues to remain active turns this into Residual Income for you.


Online Training Site

This amazing Career Opportunity has an Online Training Site that will guide you on what to do each step of the way.

Simply follow the Step-By-Step Training Site as we’ll hand you our exact methods of sourcing and marketing this awesome career. You do not need to have any previous experience in marketing and/or management. The Training Site will put you on the right path so all you have to do is follow each step.

If you do not understand a step, simply go back and review it again. Try not to go to the next step until you have finished the previous step. This is a self-paste training so there’s no rush or time limit; work at your own paste.


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