Regional Managers (RM)


Your main purpose as a RM is to:

1: Spread The Word! Post Employment ads on Craig’s List at least Twice a Month. You are required to hire Executive Hiring Managers (EHM) and Social Media Advocates (SMA) on a Daily Basis

2: Hire, guide, motivate and manage all hires and conduct Weekly, Bi-Weekly and/or Monthly Conference Meetings until they reach their Minimum Goals. These new hires will be apart of your Team

3: Maintain a minimum goal of 1,000 SMAs and EHMs for your team.

4: Reach the minimum goal of 5,000 Pro Plan Subscriptions during your 1st Quarter.



1: Must be able to Follow Instructions

2: Must be able to reach and maintain the Minimum Goals in the Training Site.

3: Must have 2 email addresses. Your current email address and a dedicated email address. Create a free Gmail or Yahoo account similar to ( and submit with your application.

4: Must be able to create and run a team of your own

5: Must be and remain an Active Pro Plan Subscriber in order to receive compensation.



As a RM, you are paid:

* Tier 1: $1.00 every month from all Active Pro Plan Subscriptions

* Tier 2: $0.50 from each of your Team Member’s Active Pro Plan Subscription that they get.

This may not seem to be a lot of money but don’t come to that conclusion just yet.

Let’s do the calculations, view the PayScale Scenario below. 


PayScale Scenario

In this Scenario, you just completed your 1st Quarter Spreading The Word, posting, hiring, etc and during the 3 months, you brought on 100 people, which is now your Team Members.

Your Team Members average out to have 600 Active Pro Plan Subscriptions (APPS) each. You are paid:

* 100 Team Members X 600 of their APPS = 60,000 APPS

* 60,000 X $0.50 (what you get paid) = $30,000 a month

* $30,000 + $100 ($1.00 for each Team Member) = $30,100 a month

* $30,100 a month $5.77 a month for your Pro Plan Subscription =

$29,994.23 a Month



Yes, you’ve read correctly, Block Calls Now! offers Health Benefits to those that meet & maintain their first Goal Point. Benefits such as:

* Medical





No other company out there offers such a great Health Benefit Package to individuals that are not Employees except Block Calls Now! because we believe you deserve it. 


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