You can now be apart of a Lucrative Opportunity. Get paid to Spread the Word Today!


Let’s keep it real, other countries hate the United States. They say we are spoiled, greedy and selfish so they spend year after year building these high-technology systems to devote their lives on scamming us and thus far, they have been very successful.

Click The Movement image to your left to view the video. Studies show that these International Scammers made:

* $72 Million Dollars off the Auto Warranty Scam 

* $209 Million Dollars off the Call & Hang Up Scam. Many people are curious to see who called so they call back and that’s when their system scans people’s cell phones to take their banking login, email login and any other account login that is saved on the cell phone. 

Now to top that, $3.7 Billion Dollars off the Your Social Security Number has been Frozen Scam. The recording states to press to be connected to fix the issue and so many people pressed 1.

It’s so sad that United States Citizens has been targeted and fell for these scams and do understand, there are more scams out there and more to come BUT if we all start Spreading the Word about Block Calls Now! Movement – App, we can eventually stop these International Scammers because their calls wouldn’t get through anymore.

It’s a Start, let’s start together!


Movement – App

Block Calls Now! is a Call Blocker App that actually blocks. It has it’s own build-in voicemail and the Generic Message will inform all Blocked Callers that they have been blocked and to remove your number from their list prior to hanging up as no Block Caller can leave a message. 

One of the features in the Pro Plan allows you to customize the voicemail message for each person you want to block. You can record 10 messages for 10 different people or 100 messages for 100 different people. You can say whatever you want to say, no restrictions. 

No other Call Blocker App offers these features. You can finally block Telemarketers and Robotic Calls forever. It starts with YOU. Once you become apart of this amazing Movement, you can Spread The Word and tell others while getting paid to do so.

On a Side Note: You can also block Bill Collectors, Ex Lovers, Stalkers or anyone. You can set your app’s features/options in the Blocking Tab.

Your voice can now be heard!


The Opportunity

Making Residual Income to Spread The Word about Block Calls Now! Movement is the easiest Career Opportunity anyone can do. It’s the most Lucrative Opportunity to do while helping to stop International Scammers at the same time.

Your main purpose as a SMA is to: 

1: Spread The Word! Market your Referral Link or Landing Page to get others to become apart of The Movement.

2: Reach the minimum goal of 5,000 Pro Plan Subscriptions during your 1st Quarter.

3: Refer others to become an SMA in order to get paid on the 2nd Tier.


Residual Income

Many people knows what Residual Income is but for those that do not know or don’t fully understand, here’s the complete understanding:

Residual Income is a consistent source of income that requires minimal to no effort by you to maintain it over the long term after an upfront time or monetary investment.

In this Career Opportunity, Pro Plan Subscriptions that you generate are monthly subscriptions. Every time someone renews his or her subscription, you are paid.

So getting paid only one time off of each subscription wouldn’t be considered Residual Income but getting paid every month as long as the Subscriber continues to renew turns this into Residual Income for you.



1: Must be able to Follow Instructions

2: Must be able to reach and maintain the Minimum Goals in the Training Site.

3: Must have 2 email addresses. Your current email address and a dedicated email address. Create a free Gmail or Yahoo account similar to ( and submit with your application.

4: Must be able to create and run a team of your own

5: Must be and remain an Active Pro Plan Subscriber in order to receive compensation.



As a SMA, you are paid:

* Tier 1: $1.00 every month from all your Active Pro Plan Subscriptions

* Tier 2: $0.10 from each of your SMAs Pro Plan Subscriptions that they get.

This may not seem to be a lot of money but don’t come to that conclusion just yet.

Let’s do the calculations, view the PayScale Scenario below. 


PayScale Scenario

In this Scenario, you just completed your 1st Quarter Spreading The Word, advertising and informing others that they can work as a SMA to make Residual Income just like you.

During these 3 months, you Spread the Word to 100 people that became SMAs and they average 2,000 Active Pro Plan Subscriptions (APPS) each. You are paid:

* 100 Team Members X 2,000 of their APPS = 200,000 APPS

* 200.000 X $0.10 (what you get paid) = $20,000 a month

* $20,000 + $100 ($1.00 for each Team Member) = $20,100 a month

* $20,100 a month $5.77 a month for your Pro Plan Subscription =

$20,094.23 a Month



Yes, you’ve read correctly, Block Calls Now! offers Health Benefits to those that meet & maintain their first Goal Point. Benefits such as:

* Medical




No other company out there offers such a great Health Benefit Package to individuals that are not Employees except us because we believe you deserve it. 


Online Training Site

This amazing Career Opportunity has an Online Training Site that will guide you on what to do each step of the way.

Simply follow the Step-By-Step Training Site as we’ll hand you our exact methods of sourcing and marketing this awesome Movement. You do not need to have any previous experience in marketing and/or management. The Training Site will put you on the right path so all you have to do is follow each step.

If you do not understand a step, simply go back and review it again. Try not to skip a step until you have finished the previous step. This is a self-paste training so there’s no rush or time limit; work at your own paste.


Step 1:

You need a Dedicated Email along with your main email address (2 separate email addresses are required).

* Go to Gmail or Yahoo to create a dedicated email address

* It can be similar to

* Once created, you can add a forward feature and forward all emails to your main email address

* When done, come back to this site to complete Step 2.



Now it’s time to become an Active Pro Plan Subscriber.

* Click the Subscribe button to your right and complete the form in its entirety to successfully subscribe.

* Enter your cell phone number in the exact format as it shows in the Example: +14847548877

* You will have to log into the app this way so please remember this format.

* Use your current email address when completing the fom, not the dedicated email address you’ve created.

* When done, you’ll be re-directed to complete the online application.

When you get to page 3 of the application, remember to include my full name (LaTanya Dunn) in the space provided so I can find your app in the system.

Once the application is complete, you’ll be re-directed to the Confirmation Page.

It will contain the login information to the Training Site along with the link to download the W9 Form.

You will need to save this information or bookmark the Confirmation Page for future use.

When done, come back to this site to complete Step 3.


Step 3:

After you’ve completed Steps 1 & 2, send me an email from your new Dedicated Email Address & put in the subject line: I’ve completed Steps 1 & 2.

I will then complete the Final Step on my end as I have to officially add you to the Block Calls Now! System. It will take me only a few minutes to complete. 

Once I complete the Final Step, you’ll automatically receive an email directly from Block Calls Now! Save that email as it contains:

* Your Member ID

* Referral Link

* Login Information

* And More…


Thank You!

I want to personally Thank You for visiting my page. I hope you complete all steps and that you are ready to start this Amazing Career Spreading The Word!

To really be successful, do your best to meet the minimum goals and most importantly, follow the Training Site everyday.

I look forward in having you apart of The Movement.


LaTanya Dunn