Yes, it will still work and  the app stays updated with Android and Apple coding.

After entering your email address, enter a password you want to use when you log into the app. 

No, Block Calls Now! actually block callers from calling you so they will not get through and they will not leave a message on your voicemail. They are automatically routed to the apps voicemail.

No, Block Calls Now! is compatible with all other apps & devices.

No. We know how annoying pop up ads are so you will not receive any pop ups to rate us. You do have the option to rate us in the Settings Tab

Partial Block means, when the Block Caller hears the Generic Message, they are blocked and can’t leave a message but they can send you a text.

Full Block means when a Block Caller hears the Generic Message, they can’t leave a message and they can’t send a text either so each Blocked Caller is completely blocked. This feature is only available in the Pro Plan.

This could happen so we highly recommend if you Customize a message for someone and it’s not a pleasant message, (LOL), it’s best to use the Full Block feature so that way, the person will not be able to retaliate. 

Unlimited! You can block anyone and everyone if you choose to at no additoinal charge. 

Yes, Block Calls Now! can be downloaded and used Worldwide!

Block Calls Now! definitely thought about other speaking languages and added the following: English, Russion, Spanish, Arabic, French and Chinese. Selecting any of the above languages is only available in the Pro Plan.

No, your Safe List will be safe and would be able to call you or text you at anytime. 

Yes. For all those that you don’t set a Customized Message for will hear the Generic Message. After adding the Robotic Caller’s number to the Blocked List, you can then set it to Full Block. That way, you will not receive any voice or text messaages the Robotic Caller. 

A PopUp screen will appear stating that your Trial Period has ended. You’ll have the option to Subscribe Now to either the Standard Plan or the Pro Plan

No, you can always upgrade to the Pro Plan anytime you want. Simply go to to Subscribe to the Pro Plan.

Yes you would have to manually add the new person  or you can go to your Safe List, click the + and click your Contact List again so it will include everyone that’s in your Contact List.

Simply login with the same cell phone number and password you used when you subscribed.

Employment - faq

Yes. In order to properly promote the Pro Plan, you must know all it’s features and how it works in order to tell others. You are required to remain an active Pro Plan Subscriber to collect monthly payouts and to track your referrals. 

Yes! It’s really simple, as a EHM, you are hiring SMA’s and they must have the app so how can you answer their questions or help them with certain features if you don’t have the app yourself? How can you motivate them and guide them on the right path to be successful if you don’t know or understand or even use the app?

If you don’t have the Pro Plan, you will assume or send your Team Member away because you don’t know the answer and you will lose that Team Member. If you have the Pro Plan, you can walk each Team Member through each step by getting on your phone, opening up the app and resolving the issue and/or show your Team Member how to use the feature. Remember, YOU WOULD BE THE BOSS! You have to lead by example.

Don’t look at it that way. Block Calls Now! is an amazing app and we don’t want individuals to misrepresent the app and its features in anyway so being an Active Pro Plan Subscriber yourself is key. 

Also, it’s only $5.77 per month; once you get 6 Pro Plan Subscribers, you are making a profit. Remember, the Minimum Goal to reach is 5,000 Pro Plan Subscribers; all you have to do is remain an Active Pro Plan Subscriber in order to keep collecting payouts every month. Let’s do the math:

$5,000 a month Minus $5.77 a month Equals (=) $4,994.23 a month.

This is a No Brainer!!!


Now imagine if you were an Executive Hiring Manager and you’ve met your minimum Goal. You’ll make $24,994.23 a month. 

Yes, Block Calls Now! is designed to do payouts every month through Direct Deposit for each Pro Plan Subscriber you get signed up. 

Yes, you can start right away. However, in order to receive payouts, you must be an Active Pro Plan Subscriber.

YES YOU CAN! Every person’s outcome is different. Your success depends on 1. How many hours a day you put in it. 2. Your marketing strategy 3. Your sale’s pitch 4. How advanced you are on all Social Media platforms and 5. How well and often you follow the Training Site that was provided.  If you believe in yourself, you can be very successful!

As a SMA, 2nd Tier Compensation isn’t an option. However, EHM does offer a 2nd Tier. So if you hire John to work and John signs up Kim as a Pro Plan Subscriber then you will get paid off Kim as well as John.

Yes, Block Calls Now! provide a Step By Step Training Site for serious individuals that was personally interviewed and hired on. If you are interested in a 5-Minute Interview to gain access to the Training Site, complete the online application by clicking on the Employment Tab.

We encourage everyone to do their best to reach the minimum of 5,000 Pro Plan Subscribers in the 1st Quarter. Once you’ve reached the 1st Quarter and you haven’t met the minimum goal, don’t worry, be proud of how far you’ve come thus far and do your best to meet the minimum goal the next Quarter. 

Meeting the Minimum Requirement of 1,000 SMA’s on your team & reaching 5,000 Pro Plan Subscribers are not hard goals to reach. This amazing Career Opportunity is not for everyone, however, following the Step-by-Step Training Site will get you on the right path to reach these goals. 

When you go to the main website, click on the Employment Tab. You may also click: 

Yes, you are able to market however way you see fit as long as you are honest, on point with all features and accurate with Job Duties and Requirements. 

Unfortunately no because the Career Opportunity is to refer people for the Pro Plan. However, you may encourage them to upgrade in order for them to benefit the customized message features and other benefits that are in the Pro Plan. Keep in mind when each person originally click on your Referral Link, their IP Address will be tracked and will continue to be tracked for 365 days so when they signup to be a Pro Plan Subscriber at a later time, you’ll still get the Referral Credit.

No, having your own website is not required. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a Referral Link. That link is what you’ll give to others to subscribe to the Pro Plan or to apply for Employment.

No age requirement! Whomever is able to be an Active Pro Plan Subscriber, sign up for Direct Deposit, complete a W9 Form and able to meet the minimum requirements is eligible to be a Social Media Advocate

When you go to the main website, click on the Employment Tab. You may also click: 

No, you will not get fired. Setting a Minimum Goal is designed to give you motivation and most people do well if they have a goal to reach.

At the end of each Quarter, view the amount of new Pro Plan Subscribers  or Hires you have and if you haven’t reached the minimum goal, simply push yourself a little hard next quarter. Keep doing this until you reached the minimm goal.

Following the Training Site to the T will also help you reach your goals.  

Yes, working to make around $2,500 per month is considered Part-time and no Training Site is needed so you are free to work as you see fit.

However, this wouldn’t be the SMA position as the SMA position is full-time and it follows a Training Site. You can apply to be an Affiliate as this position is at your own paste with no Training Site and no minimum requirements. Go to: to apply. 

YES, THIS IS 100% POSSSIBLE! There are YouTubers out there with 3+ Million viewers and other Social Media Networkers with 2+ Million followers / friends, etc. Image making a video or blog, etc to get your Referral Link out there, you’ll reach your goal in no time. The Training Site has so many great steps to follow so doing every step that’s on the Training Site will get you on the path of reaching your goal. 

Ok, if you don’t have a large following, find those that does then start individually responding back to comments that was left on their blog or video site like YouTube, etc and of course, talk about the Pro Plan and leave your Referral Link. Also, following the Training Site is a plus.

Block Calls Now! provided a Training Site for all Social Media Advocates and for all Executive Hiring Managers.

For SMA’S, go to: 

For EHM’s, go to: 

You’ll have to contact your Regional Manager or Executive Hiring Manager to complete a 5-Minute Interview and to gain access of the Training Site.

If you don’t have a RM or EHM, email and you’ll be assigned to one. 

This is a Real Career working remotely and all Team Members will receive a 1099 at the end of each year you work so yes, a W9 Form is required. 

We can only offer a Real Career to an individual so the W9 Form must be completed with your personal information.





Pay is every 7th of the Month through Direct Deposit